Active House Documentation

Read more about the Active House Standard here.

Gl. Jernbanevej – Active House Evaluation
The full scale demonstration at Gl. Jernbanevej gets the highest classification in the Active House Evaluation – see the PDF below. Based on the evaluation there will be no problems with overheating during the summer and high insulation during the winter. Based on the completed BE10 calculations the renovated building can meet the requirements of low energy class 2015. This is very satisfying based on the age of the building as well as the fact that the facade facing the street can’t be more insulated, but will preserve the current form. One of the targets for the full scale demonstration is to meet the requirements for new buildings or better, which based on the Active House Evaluation can be achieved.

In winter, the appartment is ventilated with CO2 controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Score 2 in Active House evaluation is achieved, with a limit value of 1150ppm.

This is the Active House Evaluation regarding the full scale demonstration at Gl. Jernbanevej: LL Active House Presentation 20150526